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Семинар "Лечение зубочелюстных аномалий у детей в периоды молочного и сменного прикусов"

Karpova Nataliya

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Лечение зубочелюстных аномалий у детей в периоды молочного и сменного прикусов

г. Санкт-Петербург 29 октября 2016 Фотоотчет

The seminar’s information

The next questions will be discussed:

  1. How will achieve a good communication between young patients and their parents?
  2. Does the condition of the child oral cavity correspond to age period of bite?
  3. What are the characteristics of early orthodontic treatment needed to consider for getting good results?
  4. What specialists the orthodontist should cooperate in the treatment of dental anomalies of children?
  5. What are dental anomalies require early orthodontic treatment? Which is better to left to "ripen" until the change of teeth and treatment with the braces?
  6. What are orthodontic apparatus better applied to deciduous and transitional dentition? What are advantages, disadvantages and feature of treatment each of them?

Because of visiting the seminar, the orthodontist will be much easier to make decisions concerning timing, techniques of early orthodontic treatment and get such results, which will satisfy all participants of the process.

The information about speaker

The orthodontist

After graduating the dental faculty of Kemerovo State Medical University in 1993, she was an intern of department of pediatric dentistry of KSMU. After the internship at the department of pediatric dentistry of KSMU and had a specialization in orthodontics in June, Novokuznetsk State Institute of Postgraduate Medicine, she became a member of the department of pediatric dentistry of KSMU, where she taught course of "Orthodontics" until 2013. Teaching students and dentists in certification cycles, Natalia Sergeevna has learned and has been learning from leading foreign and domestic specialists. She visits the seminars, conferences and congresses of orthodontists regularly. More than two dozen different certificates confirm it.

Evidence of an active scientific activities are published work in the regional publications and the journal "Orthodontics", the invention patent, the certificate of sectorial registration of a development, the diploma of laureate of all-Russian exhibition in Sochi 2014 and the international Paris book fair in 2015. The practical activity includes children's prosthetics, the treatment in periods of deciduous and transitional dentition, and the elimination of secondary deformities during the periodontal problems and early loss of teeth, preparation of sets of teeth to prosthetics.

Tatiana Olegovna Schneider participates in the seminar too, she is a member of the department of orthodontics of the University of Mechnikov, she is creator the laboratory of production the orthodontic apparatus. Tatiana Olegovna will answer the questions concerning the organization of the work of orthodontists and technicians.и.

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