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In Office kourse in Kazan

Azat Fazliev

Who is this course In Office for?

The training for orthodontists and residents planning to start to practice the lingual orthodontics or practitioners who wish to improve their classifications and archive additional skills in the practice with lingual braces.

During the day?

During the course of training for an orthodontist, you will see an appointment with patients with different clinical situations, using of lingual equipment Incognito.  Throughout the teaching day the course of treatment, each case will be discussed using the dental photos. Also, you can bring models or photos of own cases to discuss it.
The tools for lingual braces are differ from the tools to the vestibular equipment. All necessary materials and tools will be provided to in-office for the work. You will be informed with detailed consultation of the recommended tools and their use in own practice.

The program:

  • The beginning of the treatment. The removal silicone impressions.
  • The intraoral photos.
  • A treatment planning and a completing order.
  • The fixing brackets. Recommendations of the selection of material and tools used for fixation and algorithm of work.
  • A replace the arches. From the initial to the last arch.
  • The bends of arches.
  • The rebonding of braces. A prevention of the automatic remove of braces.
  • The removing braces, a fixing retainers.

A registration and payment

Pre-registration and payment are required

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